Herb Mullins

Age 85 {almost 86}!

The oldest/elder in the world that still travels and competes! Yes, Competes!

Herb is also known as ‘Hurricane’ Herb!

Home: Des Moines, Iowa

This man has traveled with the ‘Alliance’ and the U.S. Martial Arts Team around the globe!

*Hawaii {Multiple times}

*Cancun, Mexico {Multiple times}

*Jamaica {Multiple times}

*Athens, Greece


* Plus many more countries!

He’s also a Licensed ‘CPA’ and still is involved with his family’s C.P.A. firm

He does martial arts; Tae Kwon Do (3 times per week)…

Yoga (4 days per week)…we are sure he likes all the female attention in these yoga classes!?

This man didn’t even start his Tae Kwon do training until he was in his 60’s!

We love this man! He’s inspiration throughout the U.S.A. & World!

Always smiling…Always up beat!

God Bless this man! God Bless his family!

Herb competes in ‘Forms’ competition and also competes in ‘Breaking’ competition!

Yes he still performs!

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‘God Bless’