Michael Drew | Minority Grants

The US government recognizes that there is a sector of people who do not have as much access to benefits, amenities as the majority do, and therefore they are offering several types of grants to fill the void.

In fact, there is some speculation that these are some of the easiest grants to obtain.

Housing Grants

Housing grants for minorities are just one of the many financial assistance programs available today.

While these grants are available to traditional minorities such as Hispanics, Asians and African Americans they can also apply to displaced workers or single parents.

If you are in need of housing assistance you can apply with your local housing and urban development office, they receive the majority of federal and even local funds.

School Grants

Advanced schooling is essential to improving financial income potential and for minorities, this is especially important.

Examples of possible applicants might be the retired worker who finds it necessary to attend school in order to increase their skills and return to work.

In order to find the minority grant that will assist you in returning to school speak with someone from your college’s financial aid department, or a local minority advocacy group.

Business Grants

Minority grants for small business are available from several sources as well. Starting your own business is often the quickest way to self-sufficiency and self-confidence.

Wealthy benefactors, government entities and even banks recognize this fact and have made grants and loans available for a number of different business types.

Call your local small business administration or similar organization for more information on about this type of financial assistance.